(a) Insight.
Qure.Finance provides an independent marketplace from which you may access investment information based on expert guidance and patented analytics. Our Services platform allows you to access investment ideas and strategies ("Insight") as published by independent, third party sources ("Content maker"). With our Services, you may evaluate and apply Insight, and track the resulting outcomes in a simulated trading account. Such outcomes illustrate the hypothetical results of applying the Insight / strategies you select via your entry/adjustment/exit decisions under market, limit and conditional order types. When you select an Insight strategy, we provide hypothetical performance details with respect to the entire strategy, as well as the individual details of closed trades with net returns expressed as a percentage or dollar amount.

(b) Content maker.
You may find Content maker of Insight in the marketplace through our strategy search feature using parameters such as asset class and trading style (e.g., buy/hold, swing trading, day trading, etc.). Our sector search results are then provided to you and sorted according to performance and time frame. Our Services also allow you to search the marketplace by Content maker and by the Insight strategies (or listings) that they make available.

(c) Application of Insight Credits.
Our Services are available to you based on your expenditure of credits that you acquire under your account ("Idea Credits"). You may apply your Insight Credits to various Insight products as listed in the marketplace. You may acquire Insight Credits via your payment of fees ("Fees"), receipt of refunds or special offers from us. Basically, you pay for access to Insight with the Insight Credits in your account on a "per Insight" basis. The results of these Insight are evaluated by our trading simulation processing. If a given Insight closes as a "gain" as determined by our simulation system, then the Insight Credits that you applied to the Insight are spent and are not refundable. If, on the other hand, the Insight closes as a "loss" as determined by our simulation system, or if the Insight is canceled by the Content maker, the Insight Credits that you expended for the Insight will be refunded and re-credited to your account.

(d) We may also credit your account
with "free" Insight Credits under special promotions that we may offer to you from time to time. Regardless of whether you received your Insight Credits via your payment of Fees, refunds for Insight "losses," or our special promotions, you may apply any Insight Credits in your account to any Insight listed in the marketplace. Also, at the end of each yearly quarter, we will refund any remaining Insight Credits in your account to you, with the exception of Insight Credits that we provided to you under special promotions.

You understand and agree that there is no relationship whatsoever between Insight gains and losses as determined by our simulation system, and the actual gains and losses that you may experience when engaging in real trades based on the Insight. Fees charged and refunds (if any) are based solely on our determination of Insight performance via simulation, NOT on how you may choose to apply such Insight to your actual trades. For example, if after purchasing a Insight you elected not to engage in any real trades or you closed a trade at an actual loss, however, our simulation system registered a gain for the Insight at the time of its closing, your Insight Credits will be spent and you will not be refunded any Fees or Insight Credits.

(f) You understand and agree
that all trades that you make after reviewing the Insight made available by the Services are solely based on your own decisions. Insights may include suggested entry prices, allocation amount (expressed as a % of portfolio) and symbols of particular securities (stocks, options, spreads, crypto). Qure.Finance, however, does not propose investment ideas directed at your personal financial situation or otherwise, but rather only presents the Insight upon which you may decide whether or not to act.

(g) You are responsible for
managing your own investment positions and any orders that you make using the Services including those for entry, adjustment, cancellation, and close at market or other exit targets. Our Services provide you with simulated trading capabilities to allow you to try the platform Services before linking to a real money account.

(h) Note to Content maker:
Qure.Finance reserves the right to upload the trading history for any product or strategy offered on the Services platform to verify results via various methods including without limitation Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) statements, third party validation, and brokerage statements.

(a) You may use the Services for informational purposes only.
Qure.Finance is not a registered securities broker-dealer or an investment advisor. No information presented by the Services is intended as securities brokerage, investment, tax, accounting or legal advice, as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy, or as an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any company, security or fund.

(b) Qure.Finance cannot and does not assess,
verify or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any Insight or other information provided by the Services, the suitability or profitability of any given investment, or the quality of any Content maker. You are responsible for conducting your own investment research and making your own decisions. We recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified securities professional before making any investments, and that you investigate and fully understand any and all risks before investing. Qure.Finance in no way warrants the solvency, financial condition, or investment advisability of any securities. No Insight or strategies made available by the Services are intended to be used as the sole basis of any investment decision, nor should be construed as advice designed to meet any particular investor's investment goals.

Qure.Finance expressly disclaims, and you may not rely on the accuracy of any hypothetical results generated by any Qure.Finance simulated trading capabilities as a basis of your investment decisions. Past results of any individual trader or Content maker Insight or strategies made available via the Services are not indicative of future returns by such source, and are not indicative of future returns that will be realized by you.